Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Last First Day of Preschool

So I am of the Billy Madison generation, well the Adam Sandler generation in general...and when Billy Madison came out, it had a song in it that my sister and I would sing at the beginning of every school year...

"Back to school, back to school, to prove to daddy I'm not a fool..."

Well, last week...George found himself going back to school.  Granted, this kid under no circumstances is a fool, in fact I think that at his ripe old age of 4-1/2 that he is already smarter than me.

When we moved here, we knew he needed to be in a preschool immediately.  He needed kid interaction.  We are at a church with no other kids, his sister isn't necessarily the best playing companion...yet, he just doesn't have many avenues to interact with people his own age.  So, we sent him to a school with an opening that I was fond of.  Well, he was not.  At least that was the act he put on.  Every day we would pick him up and ask how the day was...he would say, "Not good" each and every time it would break my heart.  You see, in moving here, Tom and I knew the sacrifices we would be making, but George didn't.  He was leaving a school he loved with friends that he had had for two years.  Adjusting for him was hard.

So, fast forward to this past week.  We couldn't send him to the same school he finished up at in May.  It is in what is referred to as the "Northland" of the city and we now live in Kansas.  It would be a logistical nightmare.  So, we found a school closer to home. 

Last Wednesday, I held my breath as I sent him off (PS...check how stinking cute he looked!).  I'm not sure if I dreaded the afternoon or not, but as Tom picked him up and he got out of the car, I asked him the dreaded question...and he had a blast...PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

His first unit has been about blasting off into learning (all about space and still my heart) and Eliza is on the wait list to go hopefully later this fall.

Oh...and when he got home, we found a package for him from Aunt Ginny.  In it were first day of school goodies.  Now, if you don't know my sister, one thing you should know is that she has the gift of giving good gifts.  She just is so in tune with what you would want and what would be special for you.  I mean, I try...but she truly has a gift!  Anyway, the kids opened up their package AND...

Pete the Cat rides the bus...WE LOVE PETE THE CAT!!!  Not familiar, you should completely add learning about his groovy buttons to your to do list....

AND...You're Killing Me Smalls...with this shirt...naturally!


And thank you for praying for us in this transition...God is good! 

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